2 new features for voice messages on WhatsApp

2 new features for voice messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp: It has been rather quiet around the messenger in the last few days, but then two new features for voice messages have appeared. One of these functions is initially still theory; it is under development and yet it was revealed at an early stage. WhatsApp is planning a new way so that you can play voice messages at a different speed.

WhatsApp changes voice messages

We already know this in a similar form from other platforms such as YouTube, where the playback speed can also be turned in both directions. Faster and slower. So far, however, it is unclear when this new feature will be available for users in the final WhatsApp. At least that can still drag on. The situation is different with a discovery that was probably distributed to users in secret.

German colleagues claim that WhatsApp has fixed a bug in the read receipt. Personally, I wasn’t aware of this error, now it’s gone. So far, the double blue tick has always appeared in voice messages as soon as the recipient has listened to the voice message, even if the read confirmation is switched off. From now on it’s different. The read confirmation must be activated for both users, only then will blue ticks also appear for voice messages.

So the new behavior makes more sense. The settings relating to the read receipt therefore now apply to all content of a single chat. The microphone symbol on voice messages also indicates when a voice message has been listened to.

Theoretically, WhatsApp would have to name the “read receipt” differently. Before it was more of a “message seen”, now it is more of a “message read” or “message heard”. But those are subtleties that don’t really matter.

WhatsApp reveals the time when the recipient heard a voice message

So far, WhatsApp has not explicitly addressed voice messages when rewriting the read receipt. These can always be seen by the recipient in the chat, but were therefore not necessarily played back. However, there is a trick to find out more details. Briefly press and hold the respective voice message in the chat window with your finger, then open the 3-point menu at the top right and call up Info.

There you can see when a voice message was heard:

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