Android app provides an overview of what is actually allowed

Android app provides an overview of what is actually allowed

Am I allowed to do that? We can also get through the crisis better with our smart helpers. A smartphone app is particularly helpful when the rules are mixed up.

The rather hesitant and incomprehensible German policy has created a lousy situation. The ongoing “permanent lockdown”, which was actually never a real lockdown, has not only caused a bad mood for a long time. But in times of jumping incidences for the most varied of loosening and emergency brakes. What has been deleted in one district can still be “law” in another. The new step-by-step plan also makes it difficult to keep track of things.

You can get away with it quite well with an app that we reported on a few months ago. And we want to recommend to you again “May I do that?”. That might almost seem like paid advertising. However, I really only recommend this app because it is a good point of contact for this crisis. If you can offer me similar solutions, please write them in the comments!

Am I allowed to do that?

The name is program. With “May I do that?” We get the most important questions about lockdown, loosening and emergency braking answered quickly and clearly. On the one hand, if you wish, always to your current location, and of course to manually selected locations. The app wants to be able to provide a better overview with always up-to-date information so that we do not have to download and read through each new Corona Protection Ordinance individually.

The app is free to use and download, and no user data is collected.

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