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No one doubts the importance of websites for photographers nowadays, having a site to collect and show your work to the world is a must.

You may think that showing your photos on social networks like Instagram or Facebook is enough, but having your own domain where you can be found with just a search, contact you through a form, browse your best photos, gather all your social networks in one single web or sell your photos through the internet, it only has advantages.

In this article you will find:

Best Sites to Create Websites for Photographers

If you don’t want to complicate yourself and you need to make a photography website quickly and intuitively, let’s see which platforms are the best to make websites for photographers  that serve as a portfolio.

Arcadina, photography websites

Perhaps one of the best known for its simplicity, intuitive interface and variety of templates that they put at your disposal.

In their latest renovation they have included a multitude of new features to make their platform even more attractive, becoming one of my favorites to build a portfolio quickly.

If you don’t need to read more and want to try it for free for 14 days without inserting your credit card, go directly to this link.

The system to create your website is very simple, you choose the template that you like the most from the entire catalog and start to customize everything to your liking, font, add your photos, YouTube or Vimeo videos, text, logos, links to social networks, etc. If you get tired of the template, you can change it in a few clicks without losing what you had previously added. So you can change the look of your website or portfolio in a matter of seconds.

Checking the loading speed through Pingdom Speed ​​Test of some of the websites of photographers who have their portfolio with this platform, the loading is decent in most of them and it would improve by optimizing the images that are uploaded. Something really important and where these types of platforms tend to fail more due to the amount of extra code they have compared to websites made with some light CMS and the hosting they use.

Best Social News Site

In your private panel within the platform you will find a section dedicated to SEO , although it is very basic, you will find the minimum options to optimize the web for Google and make customers or interested parties find you at least by name. You can add a blog (highly recommended) where you can add updates on your work, tutorials or how you took a particular photo.

In the event that you want to sell your photos online, Arcadina has included a section on its platform so that you can add payment options to each photograph , either by Paypal or through the bank. This functionality is appreciated, since in WordPress for a user with little knowledge, he would have to spend time learning to use plugins like Woocommerce and implement payment gateways, it really is very easy but I know it can be scary. You could also use this payment option to sell not only photos, but also photography services, courses, workshops, books or whatever comes to mind.

In the event that you do photo sessions or weddings, you can create a private section , protected with a password so that only your clients can access, view their photos with total privacy and make payments through that private platform.

The websites for photographers made with Arcadina are responsive , optimized for mobile devices, something fundamental.

how to make a photography portfolio

Some interesting features:

  • If you have a purchased domain, they will take care of redirecting it to your new website.
  • Traffic control, possibility to connect the website with Google Analytics.
  • In the event that you sell photos or services, Arcadina does not take any type of commission (of course, more). You make the monthly or annual payment and forget about it.
  • Possibility of displaying your website in several languages.
  • Online support in Spanish

Arcandina prices are divided into 4 options, the cheapest is 7.50 euros per month if you pay for the full year or 9 euros if you pay month by month, but does not have an online store or email accounts. The most recommended for a basic website is perhaps the Silver option, it costs 15.83 euros per month paying for the full year or 19 paying month by month.

If you want to try the platform, you can do so for a 14-day free trial without having to enter your credit card.

photography websites

Take a look at the rest of the information on their website.

Wix for photographers

Wix is ​​one of the most used sites outside the world of photography by those who do not want to complicate themselves with WordPress and need a website.

What is most striking about Wix is ​​the number of different templates it has designed for all kinds of uses and businesses, from portfolios for photographers and creatives in general to online stores. The templates are optimized for mobile devices , they are responsive and also designed in HTML 5 . Each website can be complemented with Apps that are sold through its App Market.

Wix allows you to make a free web page, yes, keeping your name in the domain, that is, if you want your website to be called in the free wix option, it will be called, in addition to lose other features and include advertising. If you don’t mind having that “tagline” in your domain name go ahead, but personally I don’t think it gives a professional image of your work as a photographer.

create a website for photographers

Once you have chosen the template, designing the website could not be easier, you will only have to drag the different elements such as images, videos, titles, social network icons, etc., to the place you assign it. You can add animations to the elements with a couple of clicks, although this option is not recommended if you want your website to load quickly.

Through its app store, you can add more features at the same time, live chats to interact with your audience, calendars, newsletter subscription forms , etc. Let’s say it’s similar to WordPress plugins. Like Arcadina, Wix lets you make multilingual sites, so you can have your photography website ready for any visitor. Another thing I like is that you can add Google Adsense ads (by choosing a payment option) through applications in their store.
You will be able to sell photos through your website with the available ecommerce options, add a blog and even do basic SEO for your website.

You can see the prices of WIX on the web but I leave them here:

  • Version connect domain for €4.08 per month in which you will need your own domain
  • The Combo option of €8.25 per month with free domain,
  • Unlimited, the most popular for €12.42 per month, with unlimited bandwidth, free domain, no ads.
  • eCommerce, 16,17 euros al mes.
  • The VIP option costs €24.50

I advise you to go to their website and read carefully what each option includes before buying anything.

Squarespace, web for photographers

One of the most famous platforms internationally and one of my favorites as an alternative to WordPress if you just want a portfolio or a place to sell your photos. It stands out above all for the wide variety of elegant and minimalist templates available. Surely you have heard of them, since they spend a lot on advertising, sponsoring important YouTubers within the sector or making announcements with Keany Reeves or John Malkovich himself.

web pages for photographers

Like other platforms, Squarespace offers a free trial without the need to give your credit card, so it would be best if you try uploading your photos and designing the template before subscribing to their services. The templates are 100% responsive and borderless phones, the elegant design of their templates is really spectacular. Being able to edit the mobile version of the website like for example in WIX is missing, but at least it has a “mobile view mode” that will help you check how it will look on smartphones.

To modify the templates you will only have to drag and drop the elements that interest you, such as titles, images, videos, logo, text paragraphs, etc. There are so many customization options that it can even be a bit overwhelming for the first time.

This platform is not just for photographers, any type of business or website has its template in Squarespace. You could make an online store of products or simply sell your photos or services through your portfolio.

It is compatible with Google Analytics , although it has its own analytical tool «Square Space Analytics» with which you can also see visitors in real time.

The most interesting thing about this platform for creating websites for photographers is being able to export your SquareSpace site to WordPress in case one day you want to switch to the most used CMS in the world and the option that I recommend the most. For this point alone, I would opt to have my portfolio with them.

The worst thing about Squarespace is that it takes 3% of the sales you make from your work , something that I don’t like at all, but it is the price to pay for having a payment gateway on your website and the convenience of not having to Learn to make your own page.

Squarespace prices range from €11 for the PERSONAL option paying the annual fee or €15 if you prefer to pay every month to the BUSINESS plan that costs €17 for the annual option or €24 if you pay month by month. For a portfolio, the cheapest option is more than enough, but if you plan to sell photos, advertise, create a blog, have your own email or customize the CSS of the template, you will have to take the BUSINESS plan. You can change plans at any time, so you can start with the cheapest plan and if it suits you, upgrade.

best site to make a photography website

See Squarespace pricing here.


Bluekea is another of the most popular options within the platforms to create photography pages without spending time learning WordPress. Really all the options that I present to you, offer an intuitive interface, customizable and with a responsive design.

This platform works in a similar way to the previous ones, you choose a template, upload the photos, place everything to your liking and that’s it. From Bluekea, the way of presenting photographs with animations, slides, grids, etc. stands out. I really like how the portfolios look with this platform, you can see examples on their website. I am surprised by the number of landscape photographers who opt for this type of template, the truth is that the minimalist design is luxurious for them.

create a photography portfolio

Among the most interesting features are:

  • Free domain included.
  • Modify ALT and TITLE tags of each photo, headers or text both on the cover and on the rest of the web.
  • Private client area, where you can, through a password, give access only to whoever you want. It’s perfect for handing out wedding work or photo shoots.
  • You can create your own online photography store and sell your photos with a payment gateway included through Paypal.
  • WordPress blog integrated into your website, something that I liked a lot and that stands out from the rest of the competitors.
  • Create your multilanguage photography page through subfolders.
  • Connect your website with Google Analytics.
  • good loading times
  • Very interesting designs and the most attractive.

You can try their service for free for 20 days, if they convince you later the prices range from €15 per month/€150 per year in its PRO version to €20 per month/€200 per year for the Premium version. I recommend you go through their website to take a look at what each option includes.

Before creating your photography website

All these options are fantastic as an alternative to WordPress if you need a portfolio or online store to sell your work, but (and this is important) if your idea is to make a blog or a website for your local business and you need it to position itself in Google, I recommend you learn the basics of WordPress with the tutorials that I left you at the beginning of the article and make your own website or hire someone.

The loading speed of the web is important nowadays and this type of platform usually needs a lot of extra code, if we add to that some large images so that the web looks good or a bad optimization of them, the result can be very negative . Not to mention the quality of the hosting compared to a private one, with SSD disks, 24-hour support in Spanish or daily backups. As I say, this type of platform to create websites, I see them as great for portfolios.

Another of the negative points that at least only Squarespace saves (and I don’t trust the final result too much), is being able to export your website to WordPress if you ever need it. With the rest you will have to start from scratch and depending on the type of website you have made, the work can be overwhelming.

As for the price, I see it as reasonable , considering the work they save you if you don’t have much idea of ​​making websites. So you can do the math, if you buy a domain for free, it can cost you from 1 or 2 euros to 10 euros per year, a decent and reliable hosting does not fall below €80 per year, therefore I think the prices are within of what is reasonable.

Although I am a faithful defender of having your website made with WordPress , with your own hosting and managed by you, I can understand that it overwhelms those who just want to have their work collected in a simple web page and I will talk about that in this article. . Even so, if you feel strong enough to make your portfolio in WordPress, make a photography blog or a website for your business, I share some articles that will help you and encourage you to do it yourself, save money and have total control of your website .

Source: VG Times


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