Google Chrome now supports automatic subtitles for all videos

Google Chrome now supports automatic subtitles for all videos

After the introduction for Android, Google is bringing the automatic subtitles to other platforms, including almost all devices with a Chrome browser.

Google Chrome: Google has rolled out a new function for its own browser that will be integrated with the latest update for version 89. We originally knew the automatic subtitles from Android, but Google is now bringing this function to other devices with Chrome and Chrome OS. For me, the so-called live captions with version 89.0.4389.90 ended up in the settings of the Chrome browser.

Google subtitles all video content

However, there are still disadvantages, as the function is currently only available in English. Of course, that doesn’t help me much with German videos, as the text is then partly a gibberish made up of English words. The advantage is that this function should actually work for all video content. Whether on Netflix, YouTube or any other video platform.

The subtitles always appear at the bottom of the screen in a slightly transparent popup, which can be enlarged if desired.

Subtitles appear in real time: Google transcribes incredibly quickly

However, English text appears in real time in this small popup and makes the audible sound legible at the same time. Without the creator of the video actually offering his text as subtitles. This is of course primarily a help, so we can find the subtitles in the accessibility settings in Chrome.

Apart from the fact that Google uses this to help the hearing impaired, this function is also otherwise very useful. You can use it to watch any video without sound. Google had advertised the mobile function for video telephony, among other things, which is also possible in noisy environments. Cool thing, I think.

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