Google is changing the weather again, this time in Google Discover

Google is changing the weather again, this time in Google Discover

Google seems to be introducing the new weather display for all users for the Discover feed of the in-house Google app. That is not necessarily a good thing.

Google Discover: After a few test runs, Google now seems to permanently display the weather display differently in Discover. What seems new to my American colleagues has been around for some time with me. Instead of displaying the current weather in a larger map directly above the recommended web content, the display now disappears in a small “pill” in the upper left corner.

Google reduces the visible details: not every change is good

Of course, this small change means that you immediately see a little less details. The graphic shows whether it is sunny, cloudy or maybe rainy, and we only see the current temperature. Before that, you could see the current location, the expected temperature range for the entire day and the predicted risk of precipitation.

If you want to see more about the weather with the new display, you can tap the weather pill and thus open the detailed weather display in the mobile Google search. Certainly enough. On the other hand, the weather pill now shows me just as little details as the Google widget on the home screen, which means that both functions cancel each other out.

Incidentally, Google Discover within the Google app should not be confused with the Discover feed on the home screen. This has not shown any weather for me for a long time.

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