Google’s “real” Android messenger will soon be available to many more Germans


Congstar: At least here in Germany, some people are likely to be waiting for them to finally be able to use messages from Google in full on their Android smartphones. This is about more than SMS, namely the messaging system with RCS. This is the successor to SMS, only via the Internet and with functions that we know from chat apps like WhatsApp. Congstar announces the activation.

RCS is replacing SMS with modern chat standards

RCS support at Congstar should start as early as March 23rd. The provider announced this to its customers, who posted it to us in the comments. With the support for RCS, the messenger integrated in Android is virtually activated. You don’t need an account here, just a phone number. So you can simply write to any contact without having to communicate on a shared messenger or log in somewhere.

Google’s new chat function: attack on WhatsApp and Co. or dud?

All sub-brands should also benefit from the RCS start at Congstar, including the Fraenk app tariff. Or some discount stores like Penny Mobil. So far, many German smartphone users will wait for the activation of RCS, which Google actually wanted to implement without a network operator. However, there is RCS directly in the tariffs of Telefonica, Telekom and Vodafone, only mostly not in the tariffs of the many cheaper sub-brands.

According to its own information, Congstar has around 5 million customers, and the activation of RCS there should bring a lot of momentum to the German market. I’ll wait for the coming week and then see what my Fraenk SIM says about the chat functions in Google Messages. You can find more about this on your device in the Settings of the Messages app. So far it looks like this for me

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