Nearby Share for Android drops annoying restrictions

Nearby Share for Android drops annoying restrictions

Google will soon be making sharing via the Nearby function much more extensive, two important innovations are on the way and discovered early.

Nearby: Last year, Google introduced Nearby Share, a great function for Android, with which you can send files, text, links and other content to contacts via the local route. However, the function is so far only really limited to contacts that are already saved in your phone. Soon this will no longer be the case. Nearby Share is becoming more revealing.

Nearby Share, according to the first reports of established US colleagues, will soon allow sharing or visibility for “everyone” in your area. You can extend the visibility of your own smartphone to all people who are in your immediate vicinity. This eliminates the annoying restriction that only known contacts can see you.

Share more freely: Nearby Share experiences a meaningful expansion with a double bottom

After the first reports appeared, 9to5Google was also able to use the function. Enlargement should therefore not be long in coming. In the course of this, there is also a new mode that allows visibility for all users only for a temporary period of 5 minutes and then only for contacts. So you don’t have to show yourself permanently to everyone.

In this way, you can also share something with strangers via Nearby Share without first having to exchange contact data. Certainly helpful at events or in professional situations.

With several people at the same time

Mishaal Rahman from XDA reports that the option to share to several people at the same time will soon be new. So far, a maximum of four other devices are known that can be connected to via Nearby Share.



Nearby Share is basically available on all Android devices from version 6 if at least Google services are also available.

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