New label for Android devices, Samsung begins

New label for Android devices, Samsung begins

A new label is intended to underline the availability of Google apps, and now Samsung of all people is starting this new offensive.

Google: In the past 24 months, the group has built a new branding behind the most famous search engine. Most of Google’s mobile apps are now also wrapped in the familiar colors. In addition, Google is more prominent as a brand, which is at least the case on mobile devices. At least since the inevitable end of the cooperation with Huawei, Google has been giving more gas in this area.

Not only has the partnership with Samsung been tightened in many areas. Other manufacturers should also advertise the Google apps more than in the past. Nevertheless, we see the next new label at Samsung with which Google partners have to advertise their Android mobile devices. Google has not yet officially presented the new label, but Samsung is already the first manufacturer to use it for the Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy A52 and A72.

Full throttle for your own branding: Google binds the major smartphone manufacturers to itself

Samsung of all people, one might think, looking back at the past. A few years ago, the most popular smartphone manufacturer completely refrained from even mentioning Android at its own events. Today, Samsung advertises a “super Android user experience” and highlights the popular Google apps such as YouTube, Google Maps or Google Chrome. In addition, the new label “comes with Google apps”, which probably comes from Google and not from Samsung.

We’ll probably see this label more often in the near future. Google has contracts with the Android manufacturers who deliver Google services on their devices. In addition, this label seems to be made a requirement. Let’s wait and see how this topic develops in the coming months. The severely weakened Huawei shouldn’t be happy about that.

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