No free Google Photos storage for new Pixel phones

No free Google Photos storage for new Pixel phones

Google Photos: A few months ago, Google announced a drastic change for Google Photos. Not even the storage in high quality is free of charge with Google Photos in the future. So if you want to save your photos on Google Photos in the cloud via Backup & Sync, you will have to dig into your own pocket for the free 15 GB that is included with every Google account.

Until then, high quality backup was free for all Google Photos users. For some of the buyers of the earlier Pixel smartphones, the original quality backup was available for free. In the future there will not even be such an offer for buyers of the Pixel hardware. You could imagine that, but the official help for Google Photos only ever mentioned “other devices”.

“However, photos and videos that are backed up in high quality from other devices after June 1, 2021 will count towards the storage space in your Google Account.”

Google is cutting free storage for everyone, including its own customers

Anyone who still hoped that Google would keep the offer for future Pixel smartphones and by “other devices” only mean the Android smartphones of other brands will now be finally disappointed. One of the product managers at Google Photos has now made a little clear on Twitter.

“HQ uploads from Pixels 2-5 will still be free and unlimited after June 1st. Uploads from other devices, including future pixels, however, will be counted towards the storage space in your Google account. “- Raja Ayyagari / reddit

Anyone who wants to save more than 15 GB of photos in the cloud with Google must be a paying subscriber to Google One in the future. There are 100 GB from 1.99 euros. I hope for a few more options. Simply because the next packages with 200 GB (2.99 euros) and 2 TB (9.99 euros) are quite far apart.

I can also imagine lock offers that buyers of the new Pixel models receive free storage for at least a limited time. Nevertheless, in the future, Google One will be an essential part of what Google will use to monetize its services. The previous free offer has certainly got out of hand at some point.

Even some of the effects in the Google Photos editor will soon only be available for money.

Google Photos: Bad image quality – shock message should drive people to subscribe to Google One

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