Smart calendar connection has been added to Google’s Android file manager and Google Chat

Smart calendar connection has been added to Google's Android file manager and Google Chat

Google is improving some of its own Android apps, including several new features for its own file manager for Android.

Google Chat and Files: For a few days it has been available for private customers in a test run, the “new” Google Chat as a replacement for Hangouts. Meanwhile, Google is working on improvements to make the messenger service more attractive to us. In the in-house workspace blog, Google is already revealing the next innovation, how to connect your own services more intelligently. This shows the actual business background of Google Chat.

Google Chat automatically suggests 1: 1 chats based on the Google Calendar

However, the bad news is that the connection between calendar and chat should not start for private customers at first. The new chat suggestions based on your appointments will initially only be rolled out for Workspace customers. The innovation works like this: If there is an appointment with a known contact in the calendar, this contact will be suggested at the top of your chat list thanks to “Quick Sync”. That’s it. Simple and useful.

Now you can use the messenger: Google Chat starts with us – unsuccessful replacement for Hangouts?

Files: File manager for Android expects innovations

The favorites function appeared for the first time last summer and is now probably available. You can mark frequently used files in files as favorites and thus find them more quickly in a specific area in files. In the search tab you will now also find “Favorites” under the collections, favorite files are listed there. A file can be added to favorites using the three-dot button.

The favorites are already available on my Pixel 5:

Further planned changes are visible in the source code of the current app version. For example, the overview of the files in which information is provided about memory usage should be new. In addition, “blurred photos” will soon be one of the automatic deletion suggestions that files make to us on his home page. And the previous share function will be replaced by Nearby Share from Android, which is one of the reasons why it will soon receive some new features.

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