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Editing photos on mobile through applications has become part of our daily lives, whether we are photographers or just users.

Today all the social networks where we share photos already have a photo editor included, there are better, worse, more professional, simple ones, but they all allow us to make basic adjustments with which to fix the lighting or they put it much more easy through filters, with which you do not need to have any extra knowledge. You can see the article about downloading free Lightroom filters.

The cameras of our mobile phones have evolved a lot in recent years, models such as the latest Pixel 4a or the iPhone 12 , have nothing to envy many high-end compact cameras. Its sensors have grown, they have f/1.8 apertures , 4k recording, image stabilization, etc. So it is normal that we need applications to retouch photographs that are up to the task and allow us to retouch or adjust more advanced parameters, apply filters, make collages and easily upload the images to the chosen social network.

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Don’t worry if you don’t have much idea about photo editing, these mobile photography apps are designed for everyone, also having advanced settings for more demanding professional users.

In this article you will find:

I have compiled apps for both Android and iOS with the link to download, if you miss any, leave your proposal in the comments and I will try it to include it in the list.

Recommended Image Editing App

Snapseed App para Android | iPhone

Developed by Google, it has surely become one of the most used advanced applications due to its simplicity and the final result that is achieved.

Among its most important tools, Snapseed allows us to adjust basic parameters such as brightness, shadows, saturation, contrast or give more light to a photograph to clarify it, blur the background in a portrait, create HDR or apply filters.

best mobile photography apps

It does not have wheels or sliders, simply by selecting the parameter you want to modify and sliding your finger across the screen you can apply the adjustment to a greater or lesser extent.

Something that I really like about this application is that it shows us a histogram in real time while we make changes to the image, so the result is much more faithful if we know how to use it correctly.

Another of its strong points and that other photo applications  do not usually have is an adjustment brush like the one we have in Lightroom. I’ll explain, imagine that you only want to brighten the head of this dragonfly, select the brightness and the brush, now with your finger you just have to paint over the head to apply the adjustment in that area , something really interesting and useful.

edit photos on android

As a last advantage for the most demanding, the application allows you to edit RAW photos from your mobile, a perfect option to reveal photos that we send from our camera connected to the smartphone.

Download Snapseed for Android

Download Snapseed for iPhone

Lightroom mobile app

lightroom app for iPad

Lightroom could not be missing among all the editing apps on the list, a very complete app on a par with its desktop program. If you pay the Adobe license monthly you can synchronize your catalog with the mobile application, something that I don’t use but that some may find very useful.

Although it deserves an article dedicated solely to its use, here I only want to recommend it as an advanced photo editor for your mobile or tablet, on the iPad it is a delight to use.

It allows you to add filters, noise reduction options, vignetting, basic adjustments and more advanced adjustments such as tone curve, lens corrections and many more tools.

It is difficult to learn how to use it, it is not as intuitive as Snapseed and editing knowledge is required to squeeze it, but it must be taken into account as a quick editing tool on the go.

One of the options that I like the most is being able to geolocate photos, as well as upload metadata or edit photos in RAW format .

If you want to try it, you will need a powerful mobile , since its performance leaves much to be desired as soon as we apply various settings.

Download Lightroom for iOS

Download Lightroom for Android

VSCO app filters and retouch photos

If your relationship with photo editing is based on retouching images through filters, VSCO is the application you are looking for, also if what you want is only to edit photos for Instagram .

best photo editor for iphone

VSCO is the app with the most filters of all those available in the Android and iOS application markets.

This photography application is at the same time a social network, although that facet is little exploited. It offers free filters as soon as you download it, but it also has an internal store where it sells the presets that really interest you, vintage-style filters, desaturated images, black and white filters with a multitude of variations, effects,  filters for fashion or portrait photography. you find the look you want to give your images in the store.

I recommend checking it out regularly because the filters are often reduced in price or free to download for a limited period of time.

recommended photo apps

In addition to filters, VSCO allows you to make basic adjustments to brightness , contrast, vignetting, straighten photos, or adjust sharpness. Once you finish editing you can export the image to your gallery, reel or upload it to the social network of your choice.

Download VSCO for iOS

Download VSCO for Android


It is nothing less than the direct competition of Photoshop in its desktop version, owned by Autodesk and the truth is that the mobile application is a jewel of a tool that allows you to achieve good finishes in a short time.

mobile photo editing apps

One detail to note is that they designed Pixlr Express, so that children can start editing photos, it has a Chrome extension.

With a robust menu, they have designed a collection of filters, emoticons, and stickers that are available for free.

When you open the camera, you will have a previous configuration to configure according to your needs and once you have the photo, you access an extensive catalog of editing tools, you just have to move the cursor to one side or the other, while checking the preview of every change.

Pixlr allows you to apply effects and filters to specific areas of the image. And it has a slider to adjust the overlay, auto fit, borders, effect and stickers.

It is a fairly complete and versatile application, although it is not possible to combine images as in Photoshop. 

In settings you will have access to tools to remove red eyes, focus or blur, control the brightness, noise and contrast of the image. You can also place texts, objects or other images on top. We highlight the “liquefy” and “loop” options.

Download Pixlr Free for iOS

Download Pixlr for Android

Edit photos with texts on your mobile

With Snapseed and other applications you can also add text to a photo, but Phonto is especially focused on this, so you have many more options, effects and fonts to choose from.

Phonto, add text to an image

Phonto is my favorite application to put text on a photo, it has more than 200 fonts to choose from, with the possibility of adding more and creating a custom typography collection. It allows you to change the size or color of the text, rotate it, add borders, line spacing, etc.

As you can see, it is an advanced text editing application despite its simple appearance, so if you usually add letters to your images, this is my recommendation. Phonto is in English and advises that features may change in your version of iOS and Android.

Apps to add text to an image

It ‘s free on both platforms  , so you’ll have to suffer from ads, although if you use it a lot there’s a paid version for €1 that’s ad-free and may be worth it.

Here are the download links:

Download Phone for Android

Download Phonto for iPhone

Make photo collage with Pic Collage

Another option to edit photos in order to publish them on social networks or send them to a contact is Pic Collage. Instagram has popularized this type of montage with its official «Layout» application with a multitude of templates to choose from, personally I have enough with Instagram, but if you want to go further I think Pic Collage is what you are looking for.

make a collage with photos on mobile

The application for photo collages has many templates, the possibility of adding text, gifs, effects, stickers, you can connect it to Facebook to make montages with photos from your profile and the option to share the collage on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Pic Collage is free and you can find it at:

Download Pic Collage for iOS

Download Pic Collage for Android

In summary

There are many more mobile photography applications , but I think that with the ones on this list you will have all the needs and tools covered when it comes to editing photos with your Android phone or iPhone.

It is worth learning how to use them, spend a moment editing, the cameras of our phones come with preloaded settings that are applied to the photographs we take. Some phones saturate the images, others lack definition and others contrast the photos a lot, that’s where these applications come in to modify these factors at will and create unique images.

As we always say, the best camera is the one you always carry with you and therefore the phone wins by a landslide.

I hope you find these apps useful and if you know of any that should be on the list, please comment and I’ll try them out.

Thanks for being there!


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